viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Chinita's Fair

On November 18, 1709, an old washerwoman was protagonist of a miracle: in a small planchette Lady of Chiquinquira appeared to be set in the heart and faith of all Zulia, who each year celebrate her arrival.

The Chinita’s fair officially begins on October 27th when the Virgin is taken down from the altar in which she rests.

The story of the patron saint of Zulia, the Virgin of Chiquinquira, also known as "La Chinita", began on the shores of Maracaibo’s Lake, the site where hundreds of women gathered to wash their clothes and their family’s clothes. There, an elderly woman found a board that decided to use as a lid of a jar.
Upon arriving home, she realized that the planchette had recorded a time religious images and the water had been ordered to erase. He decided to hang the picture on one wall.

One Friday the old woman was absorbed in her duties, so paid no attention to a series of shots that were heard in the wall where hung the picture. The blows were heard again, but she did not move. However, the third time, went strangely to where came the shock and surprise she saw in the picture clearly shows the image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá and it flowed a bright light. The surprise of this phenomenon led to the street where he began to shout: "Miracle, miracle," and with this began the ultimate party of Zulia, the Chinita’s Fair.

bullfights, sunrises pipers, the procession for the planchette and the traditional baseball game on November 18, join the people of Maracaibo in an atmosphere of celebration that marks the start of Christmas in the region.

The festivities begin on 17 with a bullfight, followed by Dawn Piper, party where they play throughout the night, groups of pipes and other types of dance music until dawn.

In the afternoon, take another bullfight, in addition to parties outside the Church of St. John of God, also called Church of the Chinita where, after the procession of the image, pipers are groups that sing their lady.

After sunrise, is a typical breakfast that usually includes cakes, yoyos, mandocas that give the energy needed to continue the party at the stadium "Luis Aparicio" where there was a baseball game.

For several years, the style is holding a second dawn but, of course, depend on the strength and courage that takes. Finally, 19 is made a final run that ends with this show that, once a year exacerbates the spirit of Zulia

In my opinión, I don’t like to much the Chinita’s fair, because there used to be too dangerous.
I like gaitas my favorite is: El barrio de mis andanzas.

About of Gaitas... My favorite Gaita is: El barrio de mis anzandaz
Author: Elias Hernandez
Interpret: Ricardo Cepeda  
I like it because it has a nice letter and has something that causes the skin to me rise when I hear it!

 These are the lyrics to this beautiful gaita.

Vuelvo a la vieja casa y la callejuela
Donde feliz pase mis primeros días
En la entrada hay un santo con una vela
Mi guitarra y mi cuatro están todavía
En el cuarto la hamaca y los carricochos
Y una carta de amor en viejo papel
Hay unos cuantos discos 78
De viejos tangos que canto Carlos Gardel

el barrio de mis andanzas
donde viví a plenitud
donde transcurrió mi infancia
mi niñez mi juventud
con inquietud
y embriagado di añoranzas
regreso con la esperanza
de pasar mi sedentud (bis)

Camino tropiezo con los recuerdos
Y lo añejo me invade con su fragancia
Hay uno que otro amigo
de aquella infancia
y quien fue mi maestro viejo y enfermo
aquellos parroquianos y personajes
los de lo idiosincrasia del buen zuliano
los que hacían más ameno lo cotidiano
hoy han cumplido su misión y están de viajes

Esa chiquilla inquieta que fue mi amor
La que grabo en un árbol que me adoraba
La conseguí en el barrio y de la emoción
Una perla de llanto rodo en su cara
Nos abrazamos fuerte con furia loca
Y juntos recordamos los amoríos
Recorrió por mi cuerpo un escalofrió
Pues nuevamente probé la miel de su boca

el barrio de mis andanzas
donde viví a plenitud
donde transcurrió mi infancia
mi niñez mi juventud
con inquietud
y embriagado di añoranzas
regreso con la esperanza
de pasar mi sedentud.

☮ & ♥
Carlos Romero.

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Robbery at a bus

My mother told me about a robbery story that happened in a bus…  Burglar went into the bus, fortunately there wasn’t too many people. While he was committing the crime a police car was passing next to the bus and the victims started to shout. However, police officer didn’t do anything until they arrived near to the police and arrested the thief. Witnesses went to the police station and gave evidence to the police man. After that, police man asked the burglar about the crime and he made a confession: he said to the police officer that he had an alibi, he needed the money for his family, “my son is sick” he said. Then, obviously, he went to a court and a judge decided that the antisocial was guilty and he had to go to prison for 5 years. Finally the crime was solved, law is fair.

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

People in my Life!

My parents.. Well, they are everything to me, they raised me and gave me the values needed to be here today, I'm proud to be his son.

My siblings... In spite of the fights I love them a lot
I love my family ♥.

They are my friends: Carlos, Enmanuel, Andrea y Anthony.. I call them the funniest friends because the time we spend together we laugh a lot.. We have many years knowing eachother and always it's the same.

My girlfriend ♥. She is like my parents everything to me, We love each other so much and It's magic when we're together. We hope and would like to get married..

I will share information about myself with my classmates and people from the world and also use this blog to practice writing and reading skills.

My name’s Carlos Romero. I’m from Maracaibo. I’m 18 years old and I study engineering at
URBE. I’m in 5th trimester and my favorite subject is

What I like: I love dancing, surfing on internet, singing, I like to spend
a lot of time with my girlfriend. I’m a sportive person. I would like to learn Italian.

What I hate: vegetables, getting up early on weekends, washing the dishes. I can't stand people smoking and shallow people.
I would like to graduate and be a good engineer and of course find a well-paid job and have better life.

About English
I think it's something we should all know. For example about my career most of the programs and content are in that language so because of that and because I would like to travel and work, if it’s possible, in another country I should dominate it.
I practice it singing songs in English and reading lyrics, sometimes I talk to my girlfriend, too.

Well, I say goodbye
& ♥